Pool Access Card
Kings Crossing Patio Homeowners Association has installed a new access card reader system for the swimming pool facility.

The older key to the pool will no longer open the gate. A credit size entry card replaces the key to gain entry to the pool. The card will make our pool facility more secure. The card records who enters the pool, so we have now know who is using the facilities. We also can activate and deactivate the card as needed. If assessments are not paid current, there will be no access to the pool. The pool hours are set with a timer on the gate. There will not be access afterhours and we will avoid late night gatherings at the pool.

If you still have a key, take it to the Kingwood Association Management office located at 1075 Kingwood Dr, Suite 100 in the Chase Bank Building on the corner of Chestnut Ridge and Kingwood Dr. Your key can be exchanged for the access card at no cost. Please provide your Driver License with photo identification and address of the property to receive your access card.

If you do not have a key, then the card will cost $25 per card. You will need to provide a check made payable to Kings Crossing Patio HOA at the time of receiving the card.

If you misplace the new access card or need an additional card, the charge will be $25.
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