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Storm Sewer Drainage

City of Houston Public Works crews have been reviewing all storm and sanitary sewer lines in the Kingwood area for blockages where high water has been reported. Crews started in Elm Grove this morning. As of this afternoon, no blockages or sludge has been detected.

Harris County Flood Control District has had crews out in the Kingwood area inspecting the channels since this morning as well. They are evaluating channels and removing debris as necessary.

Additionally, the drainage systems within the City of Houston are not designed to handle 6 inches of rain fall in under an hour which unfortunately is what occurred earlier this week. Once drainage becomes overwhelmed it is designed to overflow to the streets. In a regular 2 to 4 inch storm, drains are overwhelmed and drain within 2 to 4 hours.

We understand that homeowners are currently placing storm debris at the curb. We hope City of Houston Solid Waste Management can get to all affected addresses. In the event that not everyone can be serviced, please do your best to secure the debris in an effort to avoid blocking drains overnight. Again, the City is doing the best we can with the equipment and resources available to remove debris in affected neighborhoods before the weather returns.

If you have any areas to report (drains, debris, structural flooding, etc.) please report that to Houston 311 by calling 713-837-0311 and provide our office with the location and service request number by emailing districte@houstontx.gov.

Lastly, AlertHouston is a great resource to stay aware and knowledgeable through these next couple of days and future events. Register for updates here to stay in the know: https://www.houstonemergency.org/alerts/

Best regards,

Clarissa Perez
North Sector Manager
Office of Council Member Dave Martin
District E

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