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Capital Improvements <$350,000

These requests can be handled through the 311 system but they require longer range planning and budgeting.  They are usually handled through the Capital Improvements Project process.

Requests costing less than $350,000 can be submitted through the Super Neighborhood Council or the City Council Member.

Examples of projects less than $350,000 include:


  • Tree planting & maintenance in esplanades ONLY
  • Mulching of esplanades


  • Intersection Redesign
    • Includes signal upgrades at intersections (upgrade signals heads, pedestrian heads)
    • Change in traffic hardware (span wire to mast arm)
    • Reconfigure existing intersection

Engineering and Construction

  • Major Thoroughfare Street Overlays (asphalt)
    • Concrete point repair through ROW/M
    • Street will be evaluated prior to acceptance

Planning and Development

  • Amendment / Removal of a Bike Lane/Route
  • Bikeway Signs-crossing signs only on approved bikeways

Right of Way (ROW)/Maintenance

  • Overlay of Neighborhood Streets, excludes concrete streets
  • Concrete Point/Patch Repair, all thoroughfares and local streets (concrete streets only)

Structural Flooding (call 311) (reoccurring events can be submitted for local drainage project evaluation)


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